SLIM™ Demo Docker Container: (25 Oct. 2019)

Try SLIM™ demo on your own GPU machine!

Our demos are available on allocated AWS machines, however now you can try
SLIM™ on your own machine and let us know how it performs!

To integrate SLIMâ„¢ into your Machine Learning platform stay tuned.

Link to the demo!

Our FPGA Demo: (09 Sept. 2019)

SLIM™ on FPGA enables robots and machines to see less and infer
more with a better energy profile and exceptional inference speed.

Link to the demo!

Our GPU Demo: (22 July 2019)

SLIM™ for GPUs illustrates how our intelligent encoding
schemes enable users to reduce their training and inference time significantly.

Link to the demo!

Our patent application: (21 May 2019)

Our patent-pending technology, SLIM™ AI, accelerates Machine Learning.
Our SLIM™ technology accelerates machine learning for both training and inference,
and is suited for both server and edge applications.